Casting couch is everywhere and not just in Bollywood - Aisha Sharma

Casting couch is everywhere and not just in Bollywood - Aisha Sharma

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Casting couch is everywhere and not just in Bollywood - Aisha Sharma

All set for your debut in Bollywood?
I am enjoying the film. Right time right things happen. The right project finds you. I wouldn't have had a better debut. Many actresses have usually beautiful introduction scenes but for me it was not like that. I had a lengthy monologue. It was different. I am extremely excited. Nikhil Advani Sir was so sweet he asked me do you want something simpler but I refused to take anything other than the monologue.
What is your role all about?
I play a vet in the film and my character's name is Shikha . My character is a pet lover and she stands for what she thinks is not right. She brings the light facto in the film r and all my scenes are breezy and all scenes are with the dog.
How did you bond with John?
I didn't know John but he is a very nice guy and I had heard so much about him. I went to his office and he also is a pet lover and has two dogs. Our conversations naturally started with dogs. Even me and my sister Neha have a dog in the house. We got along well from that moment. He is also a fitness freak and we spoke about that too.
Any difficult scenes in the film?
I have twist in the climax which I cannot talk about. It was the most difficult and dramatic scene with both John and Manoj Bajapyee.
Will we see you doing action in the film?
I don't have any action in the film, I have a light easy factor in the film and all my scenes are with the dog.
How were you cast for the film?
I have been a Kingfisher and Lakme model. Jogi the casting director had seen me in the ad campaigns. He approached me and Jogi ji is a meticulous casting director and they liked the audition and they called me. He's a fabulous casting director and he works on you. Later I met Mikhail who introduced me to John. Since John is a pet lover and is into fitness our conversation veered towards that and we bonded. He works on the scene before he casts you in the film.
You have done big campaigns was it a conscious decision?
Yes it was a conscious decision to do right brands and right campaigns. I have been selecting brands where I can be seen. I endorse Lakme, Pepsi and was a Kingfisher Calendar girl.
Was your sister of any help for your bollywood Debut?
No, she herself has been auditioning for her roles. It has not been easy for her too. She is not Salman Khan where she can pull the strings for me. I am an outsider because she could not do anything for me. I got my commercials through auditions and I got this film through auditions. You have to keep doing auditions till you get the right film. Go with the enthusiasm and nothing becomes difficult. You don’t take anything personally. Yes it is a worse feeling when you are rejected but like Geogrge Clooney said "When you don't get a job it's personal and only way to go about it is not taking it personally," When you audition if you don't get the role don't get disappointed. I had to start with the right film and I am hoping it will do well at the box office. Whenever we meet each other our first conversation starts with did you get the film and it usually used to be a no. When I got this film I told her and she was finally you got the film.
Did you have any scenes with Manoj Bajpayee?
Unfortunately, I have no scenes with Manoj Bajpayee. I wish I had some scene as he's a great actor but he's a great co-star. I got along well and I always thought that he's a serious kind of guy because he's done such intense roles. On the contrary he is so funny and always throws these funny one liners when it comes to work. John is so easy going and he's a huge star.
We heard that you rejected Judwaa 2?
Judwaa I did not get auditions and I was not approached for the film. There was curiosity factor and someone wrote about it. Only film I was supposed to do was Nasmatey England opposite Akshay Kumar and it fell through since Akshay was not doing it.
What tips does your sister give you?
Just as an advice a sister gives another sister. Neha is very protective about me. Family is very supportive and protective. The only thing she always told me was "doesn’t let success to your head and failures to your heart.”
Bollywood is known for casting couch?
Casting couch is everywhere and not just in Bollywood. It always depends on what you want to do. Do you want to take the route. Even in corporate jobs it's there. Good and bad is everywhere It's an individualistic choice. I rather struggle and do it the right way.
Your voice sounds so much like Neha's?
That's a big compliment my voice s so different on screen. When people say that they love it. We are not at all competitive. Sher's protective. I love Neha's voice on screen.
Do you have any dances in the film?
Lucky thing you want to dance and in real life I didn’t have to dance. But I didn't have to dance in the film. My scenes were as a vet and I did a lot more stuff that I do in real life. It's an on set job.
Since your sister was already struggling didnt you feel that Television is the next best option?
I was very clear and didn't want t do television and the best thing about Neha was she was good in the films she did. Unfortunately the films didn't do well but she was never criticsed for her work. I never wanted to go for television as I always believed that for a great career one has to start with the right film and choose the right film.



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