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By no stretch of imagination Rocky Handsome cuts a pretty picture. Sure the handsome actor John Abraham in his rugged avatar looks good, his muscled body even better. The action he executes is faultless. But much else is riddled with many an unexciting feature. Action yes, thrills little and emotional quotient zilch.

Despite the fact that the film takes us back in time to our hero’s romantic past (with beautiful Shruti Haasan in a special appearance) right in the very first frame, the emotional disconnect is imminent and immanent and not just in John’s stern look.
Take the emotional core of the film. The relationship between Rocky and the little girl, his neigbhour and daughter of dope addicted mom doesn’t hold any water. Sorry John, we can’t relate at all. Actually the child actor is burdened with such adult and heavy duty dialogues that she appears far too precocious for her age. And the eternal advantage of innocence and cuteness is lost early on. Nothing she says or does tugs at your heartstrings. But of course, we all know the film based on the Korean film The Man From Nowhere, is essentially an action thriller. So action is aplenty with blood and gore following suit.

Bad guys here are really bad and indulge and excel in all possible dirty tricks known to devilry. Drug trafficking is their prime time occupation and preoccupation. Set in Goa, as the drug lords lord over its underbelly, drug dealing and stealing becomes crucial to the plot.

But pray where was the need for so many angles to the story and so many baddies that you not only lose count but also interest except in the band of two dreadful brothers? The baddies here, led by the director himself, one of the vengeful brothers Kevin seem to be the lord of all vices. Organ selling and child trafficking too are their side businesses. Nishikant Kamat gives himself a major chunk of villainy and is as vicious as can be. The rest of the lot too disgusts you with their endless methods of torturing. As they gorge out eyes, slit throats and deviously, nay gleefully, talk about their modus operandi they are unsparing and merciless. While expectedly they don’t spare those who cross their path, they also don’t spare each other. And caught in their crossfire is invincible Rocky who has a back-story and a love story too, to match his aloof ways and incredible muscle power. What happens thereafter hardly bears recounting or viewing for that matter? Unless, of course, you have stomach for gruesome bloodshed.

Yes, there are a couple of redeeming aspects: the slickly executed action sequences and two hours runtime. That they are filled with scenes like John taking out a bullet from his body, reminiscent of many a Hollywood flick is, of course, only in the line of expectations. After all in a film that is a remake, originality has to be a casualty. Only, if all else had fallen in place and not just John’s quicksilver body movements! Strictly for diehard John fans or avid action aficionados.



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