Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman

March 28, 2016 504253 reads comments

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which follows the events of Man of Steel: Gotham City-based vigilante Batman/Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) who does not believe that the intentions of Kal-El/ Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) are pure and in due time they become bitter rivals.

While the world struggles with the question of whether to believe in a blind faith superhero with unlimited power or is there a way to restrain the benefit of humanity.

In addition to all this is new threat in the form of the monster “Doomsday” which is created by sophisticated businessman Lex Luther (Jessie Eisenberg) who threatens the continued existence of the human race (a common theme in these films).

So it is important that Batman and Superman must settle their differences and join forces to fight against Wonder Woman/ Diana Prince (Gal Gadot). Then there are other cameos like hot-shot reporter Lois Lane (Amy Adams), Clark’s mother Martha Kent (Diane Lane, who now takes elderly roles since her debut in “A Little Romance,” alongside Laurence Olivier decades ago), and Peter White (Laurence Fishburne).

As if all these are not enough director Snyder also has veterans like Holly Hunter and Jeremy Irons in the fray even if their parts are minimal. Hence there are enough of characters to flit from one to the other and help the attention span.

But 151 minutes is a tad too long and the Bunuel formula goes out of the window. The FX team has to work overtime (like in all these razzmataz action movies) but form will at best remain form. One needs content to match it.

The two key characters Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill do a fair job and are ably supported by Amy Adams and Jesse Eisenberg. The talented Laurence Fishburne seems wasted in this “celestial drama” which flatters only to deceive.



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