Ajivasan declares this year's Jiyalal Vasant award

Ajivasan declares this year's Jiyalal Vasant award

February 25, 2019 5586 reads comments

Teeam screengrafia-Ajivasan is gearing up to present a musical treat for Mumbaikars which is a fundraiser to be held on Tuesday 26 February 2019 at Ajivasan Hall, Ajivasan Music Academy, Juhu. John MacLaughlin, Shakti group along with Zakhir Hussain (Tabla), Vidushi Alamelu Mani (Vocals), Ganesh Rajgopalan(violin) and Selva Ganesh(kanzira) will present a very unique, innovate and interactive musical session. Pt Shivakumar Sharma will be the chief guest along with celebrities and Bollywood musicians who will attend the event.
John MacLaughlin will receive the 19th Vasantotsav Uttam Vag-Gayekar Jialal Vasant Award. He is an English guitarist, bandleader, and composer. His music includes many genres of jazz which he coupled with elements of rock, Indian classical music, Western classical music, flamenco, and blues to become one of the pioneering figures in fusion. Last year Padma Bhushan Pandit Chhannulal Mishraji was the recipient of the award.



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