I shall be an exaggeration to call me TV Queen, TV itself is a queen - Ekta Kapoor

She is talking about her new serial and success...

March 11, 2016 291642 reads comments

Etka Kapoor is known for saas bahu kind of saga. She has begun her serial production in a garage of her old house before producing films. At very young age Ekta learn the rope of serial business. As time goes by Ekta immerge as sole power bank of small screen. Here she is ready with her new serial called Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki…were she sneak in some time to talk about this serial and her success …

All your shows are doing well, your recent show Naagin is on the top of TRP, what do you have to say on that?

Whenever I work on any story I just think from audience point of view, as what my audience will get hooked to. As we all knows, Television is a medium which has bigger reached. So while planning anything for television I have to think from female psychology point of view. At the same time I don’t go for the concept which will heart female sentiments. Taking your story to each and every household and all age group is difficult task. So one has to take into consideration, all age group that too at one glance. To talk about Naagin, while making it we had no idea that it will reach at the top. While launching Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki…my new show, I have no idea about the fate of this show. I just want to take this show to every household and my audience should like it that is my consideration.

What is Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki….is all about?

This story will showcase the new dimension in love story. When two souls are in love how they finds their way to get united in another life. So far we had seen post marriage love story. Here we can see youthful story.

For your success on small screen you have been called TV Queen?

I am not a TV Queen, TV itself is a Queen. When it comes to success, we talk about TRP. But when we don’t get success we have to face criticism at times.

What is your success mantra?

If you want to achieve something in life you will work towards it. If I could see one good story a day I feel good about it. If you work on the aspect which you love, you will put your soul. Apart from this I don’t have any success mantra. I just want to work every day by giving best shot.

What do you think of awards?

I am not an extrovert; I like to be busy in my own world. But who is giving an award and what is there credibility of it is important. Awards stand important. But for me awards distribution happens every day – as and when I do better job. I feel I got my award,



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